• NEFT Vodka


On a cloudless day where the South Bay curves the Pacific Ocean shoreline, shoppers at Williams-Sonoma turned their heads toward a cylinder shape — and turned their hearts towards children in need.

Our black and white barrel might not yet be a holiday symbol, but there are a hundred patrons who might soon make it a holiday custom, after tasting our cocktails made to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. For over 15 years, Williams-Sonoma has been supporting the vital work of St. Jude’s with their Thanks & Giving campaign and invited us to participate.

And as a brand that supports children’s charities, NEFT was only too willing to be the co-host. We invited our artisanal bartender, Luke Barr, to mix two of our signature holiday cocktails (Snowy Day and Hot Spiced Tea, see free download below). Over sips made perfect with NEFT, shoppers got to hear about St. Jude’s work in finding cures for childhood cancer, and open their hearts — and wallets — for St. Jude’s.

At NEFT, we like to say, “Life is a story, make it a good one.” So our hearts are never far from those whose story is yet to begin, like the children of St. Jude’s. In this season where we remember our many blessings, we were more than privileged to contribute to the festive mood that day at Williams-Sonoma. And as we unfold the story of our brand, we will continue to seek out ways to support the missions of incredible organizations like St. Jude’s.

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