Neft's Story

Our Purpose

At NEFT, we encourage the celebration of life with better standards for high quality vodka. Our vision is to pioneer a new category of premium vodka with a pure formulation and clean finish.


Born of innovation and integrity, NEFT inspires human power.

Taste for the finest

Russia is known for vodka and oil — and the stories of the two are intertwined. Years ago, a young oilman named Nicolai emerged from the Siberian oil rush with abundant wealth and a determination to change Russian Vodka forever. He set out to create the exact pristine formula he had imagined during the cold winters.

Precise Formulation

Nicolai’s quest for the finest process and ingredients led him to Austria, where he sourced pure mountain spring water and superior grains to create an extraordinary Vodka. He called it NEFT, oil in Russian, to honor its heritage. NEFT is produced according to his engineering vision, technological knowledge, and experience.

  • San Francisco World Spirits Competition:
  • 2018 Double Gold Medal / Best Vodka
  • 2019 Double Gold Medal
What we're about

One of a Kind

NEFT is like no other vodka on the market. The unique recyclable barrel remains cold hours after refrigeration and is shatter proof.

What's inside

NEFT is a combination of the highest quality rye and some of the purest water in the world. Together they produce a vodka that is sublimely smooth and contains NO GMO products, additives or flavorings.

The Real Deal

We remain true to our origins and do not stray from the goal of producing the purest high quality vodka. Multiple distillations and special filtration technology ensure the taste is supreme.

Slow and Steady

NEFT does not cut corners or expedite distillation. We believe in a patient, meticulous process to guarantee that the integrity of the pristine ingredients shines through in every sip.

For the Journey

NEFT salutes the individual and their personal journey. Whether walking through or running after it, we are inspired by human power.

Thoughts from NEFT

First of all, we are not saints. We drank vodka in our younger years – in fact, we have a reputable heritage for knowing good vodka, how it should taste, and how it should affect the mind. There is really no big secret to making vodka. We don’t claim any marketing gimmicks or 'traditional recipes' as other vodka producers do. We know good vodka is the right mixture of good spirit and good water. Great vodka does not need additives or flavours- there is no requirement to make it fancier. We do not use these tricks because when we developed NEFT for ourselves, our intention was to keep it simple and 'friendly' to the human body. That was our main challenge – to find the best spirit and water in the world and produce the vodka that causes the least harm to the body as possible. Our secondary challenge was to design the simplest, minimal packaging with maximum efficiency.

NEFT– Russian for oil, is a super-premium vodka packaged in its unique oil barrel, produced with the cleanest ingredients. Pure alpine spring water and the best grains are the basic ingredients for a wonderful natural taste. Multiple distillations as well as special filtration technology produce NEFT vodka and guarantee drinking at the highest level.


Neft Vodka Barrel

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