Life is a story. Make it a good one.

We believe good vodka is simple. Neft engineers vodka that balances the purest ingredients through a meticulous, technology-driven process. Neft empowers its tribe of active enthusiasts by celebrating a lifestyle of journey and success.

Neft Vodka Barrel
Pure Austrian spring water. Icon

Pure Austrian spring water.

NEFT uses the some of the purest high spring water from secure sources in the Alps. Sourced from pristine aquifers and filtered naturally, NEFT water encourages a smooth, uncompromised taste.

Four Distinct Rye Varieties. Icon

Four Distinct Rye Varieties.

Commanding a clean and slightly sweet finish, NEFT vodka exclusively uses the pure ryes: Rapidly, Amato, Pollino, and Askari. NEFT does not use any additives, like sugar or honey nor any natural or artificial flavoring.

Activated Carbon Filtering. Icon

Activated Carbon Filtering.

NEFT vodka is distilled multiple times and filtered through a proprietary activated carbon process to remove contaminants and impurities. The result is an unparalleled clean and rich finish.


Born with inspiration, fueled by success.

NEFT celebrates every milestone that pushes individual progression. Our tribe revels in being surrounded by excellence on the road of life.

Neft Gives

Project Angel Food: Richard Ayoub

NEFT partnered with Richard Ayoub to help Project Angel Food's mission of bringing healthy food to individuals impacted by serious illnesses.


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Neft Vodka Barrel

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